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Angels Club Cover

Check out the Angels Club cover. Isn't it sweet-tooth cute? The inside is just as yummy-gooey, like an oven-fresh, chocolate-chip cookie. Sandra and I can't wait for you to read it!

What the book is about:

Jacinda Gonzalez, a Latina, horse-loving (obsessed really), therapeutic volunteer, who is bullied and can’t make friends in her new school, is inspired by the sweet horses she works with to fight meanness with kindness. Wanting to give outsiders like her an outlet to use their talents in a positive way, she starts an Angels Club that goes around doing good deeds, mostly in secret. Her goal is to help other kids, like her friend whose leg mobility is hindered by cerebral palsy, recognize their worth in benefiting the community by creating more smiles and sparkly happiness in the world. But just when everything starts looking rosier and sunnier, Jacinda is faced with losing the thing she loves most in the world, and she must make a choice between breaking her own heart and doing the right thing.

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