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New Angels Club Mystery

We are so excited to present out first Angels Club mystery with Angels Club 4: The Mighty Power of Two. This is a fun tag-team effort by fan favs, Aisha and Emily! We know you will love it. It is a fun, suspenseful ride, packed with emotion.

When Aisha and Emily learn several horses from their region have been stolen, they set out to solve the mystery and track them down before they disappear forever. But smack in the middle of their hunt, they also help out a testy foster kid, take on cyberbullies and aim to rescue a Belgian. Plus, their different case-cracking styles leads to their first big rift. They don't anticipate danger, or disaster, but that's exactly what they find themselves in. Follow them on their nail-biting, angelic effort to set many messy things right and mend countless broken hearts.

SBN: 978-0-9845582-8-5 Price: $13.99. Also available in eBook.

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