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Book Club Chooses Angels Club & We Choose a New Angle for AC4

Oops. Our whole idea for Angels Club 4: The Mighty Power of Two? Yeah, scratch that!

This is how we learn and grow from our readers. And we were able to do it just days before we were off and running and past the point of no return with this novel.

In our poll, Em was unanimously voted by this book club as favorite character and they wanted more, more, more of her. So many of our other Angels Club fans love Em too, per messages we get, so we knew in that moment we had to beef up her role in Angels Club 4: The Mighty Power of Two. Since Aisha and Devon are twins, we were planning to use that whole 'twin-power' thing and roll with it, but once we started plotting out a new outline for AC4 with Aish and Em working together the most, we could see that this 'girl-power' thing was going to work out far better for our readers. Angels Club 4 will still have a heavy boy presence though with River, Devon, and a new foster boy, Joey, joining their efforts and mystery-solving adventure. You might have a copy of Angels Club 3 with Aisha and Devon in the back for our next installment, but don't worry. Devon will still be predominant in this book, but we will be giving some additional space to Em, which we were not planning to do. We will show how Aisha has great support around her with all her family and friends. We will then beef up Devon's role in Angels Club 5 and he will play a bigger part in the plot than even the Angels. We hope you will check out AC4 once it comes out. It will be fun, suspenseful and emotionally charged. Look for it this fall.

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